Zeppelin to Land in Prague

The Zeppelin NT, the biggest helium-filled airship in the world, manufactured since the 1990s in Friedrichshafen, Germany will make a landing on Prague’s Letnany Airfield around 3 pm on Friday.

It should remain in the Czech Republic for about a week and fans will be able to admire it on several PR flights around the country. 

Zeppelin NT is used for tours, as observation platforms for photographers and television commentators covering major events, for research missions for environmental observations, troposphere research and natural resources prospecting.

The Zeppelin NT is a 75.1 m (246 ft) semi-rigid airship inflated with helium. NT stands for Neue Technologie, or “New Technology” in English. The ship made its first flight on September 18, 1997, and when configured for sightseeing and tourism it can accommodate up to 12-14 passengers and two pilots.

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