Yes, You Can Get Your Christmas Tree Delivered in Prague. Here’s Where to Order It

Lots of holiday shoppers are buying gifts online to avoid the crowds this year, but what about buying a Christmas tree from the web? 

If you want to fill your home with a Christmas tree this year without having to push in queues and unnecessarily expose yourself to the risk of infection, you can visit

The site allows you to choose your dream tree from the comfort and safety of your home and have it delivered to your door anywhere in Prague. There’s an option to add goodies to your order, which will help fulfill the Christmas wishes of children from children’s homes.

On their website, you will find a wide selection of premium Normandy fir trees from a family farm in Denmark, which are each carefully photographed and have their own name. A novel idea, but in a way magical. After all, Christmas should be full of stories.

“It’s funny that some customers are buying trees according to the names of their partners or children because they also receive a kind of birth certificate of the tree with the name from us,” says one of Chcistromek’s representatives.

Thanks to the cooperation with the non-profit organization Radost dětem, you can also choose from a special category of more expensive trees called “dobrostromky”: when you buy one of them, you will provide a gift for a selected child from an orphanage. For every tree sold, Florino will add another gift.

The delivery of trees will be provided by the logistics startup DoDo, which will deliver the tree on the day and time of your choice. is part of the Florino internet florist, launched this autumn by V-Sharp Ventures.


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