Viral Word Game “Wordle” Now Also Available in Czech

wordle czech version

If you’ve noticed lots of posts on Facebook and Twitter containing a bunch of coloured boxes, then you have come across the latest word game sweeping (portions of) the internet: a pleasant little brainteaser named Wordle.

Wordle is a project from Josh Wardle, an engineer at Reddit, originally launched in mid-October, and only really started becoming popular last week after Wardle added the ability to share results.

Simply put, Wordle is a free word-guessing game available online: guess the five-letter word in six tries or fewer. Wordle explains its rules in a handy pop-up the first time you load the game, but it’s all fairly straightforward: if the letter from your guess isn’t in the target word, that letter will turn grey.

If is in the word but not in the right position, it’ll turn yellow. If it’s in the word and in the right place, it will turn a nice shade of green. You have six goes to get it right – and if you get it right in one go, that’s weird/basically impossible.

There is only one puzzle available a day for everyone – sort of like a newspaper’s crossword or sudoku – so once you’ve finished the puzzle, you have to wait for the next.

If you don’t guess the word, you will have to wait for a new one to be released after 24 hours.

Thus, all players simultaneously try to guess the same word. This feature is one of the main reasons for Wordle’s popularity: people compete with each other and share the result on social media.

A few days ago Wordle started working in Czech language as well. This is a great way to test your vocabulary and you can find this version here.

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