Woman Kept Robber at Petrol Station for Police to Arrive by ‘Performing Sex Act on Him’

czech woman sex patrol station

The would-be thief was said to have burst into the station in Bratislava on Tuesday night before he demanded money from staff – but a member of the public intervened to keep him there.

The man, a 24-year-old Serb, had been attempting to rob a petrol station on the outskirts of Bratislava overnight on Tuesday when the incident took place.

While trying to get money from the safe, a 36-year-old Czech woman began to perform a sex act on him, before officers found the pair half-naked on the floor.

The robber punched a staff member behind the counter multiple times, before taking money from the cash register.

He then went to the back office, where a second member of staff was sitting and demanded that they open the safe.

While the safe was being opened, the first member of staff ran outside and called police, who raced to the scene.

It was while he was there and attempting to get money from a safe that “under mysterious circumstances” an unknown woman arrived inside the station.

Reportedly, the woman said to be a 36-year-old Czech woman, then performed a sex act on the suspect until the police eventually turned up and detained him for the robbery.

In the meantime, police turned up and were able to arrest the suspect.

Officers said the man ‘put up stiff resistance’ and that ‘coercive measures were used against him’.

Noviny said it is not clear how the robber and the woman ended up in the intimate situation, and that investigation are ongoing.

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