Wolt Couriers to Strike on Wednesday Over Bonus Cut

Wolt drivers have called a strike for tomorrow, February 1st, to protest against the 20% cut of their bonuses.

A new remuneration system introduced by Wolt has angered the majority of drivers.

This will be the first similar action by couriers of delivery platforms in the Czech Republic.

The new payment system is still rolling out and Wolt clearly intends to address some of the oversights. In a letter to couriers, for example, it says that short-haul orders in future “may be made more attractive”.

On Monday, Wolt sent all couriers a form to fill in with their observations on the new system so that “all the findings are in one form and in one place, so they can be reviewed and addressed more quickly”.

Wolt promises couriers higher earnings. The current drop in earnings, according to the letter, is also due to the fact that it is January, when courier earnings are traditionally lower.

Either way, Wolt admits that the new pay system may still change, and promises changes based on couriers’ feedback.

Some drivers are planning a strike and demonstration on Wenceslas Square on Wednesday. Aleš Kranda, one of the main organizers, has written an open letter to Wolt management, informing them of the planned action.

“We regret that your irresponsible attitude has forced us to take such a radical step. We want to negotiate, and that is why this peaceful action will end in front of your headquarters, where we will hand over our requests at 14:00. We believe that together we will be able to calm the situation in the subsequent negotiations,” the letter reads.

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