Will the Epidemic Affect the New Year’s Celebrations in the Czech Republic?

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Curfew at night, closed establishments, and deserted streets marked the arrival of 2021 in the Czech Republic. What can be expected this New Year’s Eve is yet unknown.

It will depend on how the pandemic develops and whether the state of emergency is prolonged. What is certain is that major cities will not hold large-scale festivities. Restaurants with doors opened for customers, in particular, are hardly likely to be allowed.

The Wenceslas Square in Prague, the heart of New Year’s Eve celebrations in Prague, was totally empty less than a year ago. Only certain rescuers and police officers were present.

It is unclear whether the last day of 2021 will be similar or not and whether city streets will once again resemble war zones or not. Firefighters, cops, and rescues, on the other hand, are preparing as usual. They will erect a medical tent, and numerous rescue personnel will not be left behind.

On the nearby historic Old Town Square, things will appear similar. Government officials have been sending clear messages for a while, telling people not to go to parties, to stay at home, spend New Year’s Eve with their loved ones, making sure those they care about are safe.

Well, if you will be staying home, what remains is to prepare some delicious meals for the family and friends, stock up on drinks, watch some good movies, or even earn some money playing on the best Czech Republic online casinos.

The Lighting of the Christmas Tree in the Old Town Square in Prague Is Canceled

There will be no festive lighting of the Christmas tree in Prague’s Old Town Square. The reason for this is, you guess, the rapidly worsening epidemic condition. The local business in charge of setting up this attraction announced it on social media. November 27 was set as the date for the lighting of the Christmas tree. Sadly, it was not done.

The Christmas tree this year is 21.5-meter-tall spruce from a private garden in Jablonec. It was cut down and brought to the capital city. A tree was installed in the square and decorated a few days later.

After Christmas, spruce branches will be delivered to the Prague Zoo as animal feed, and high school students will construct furniture for residents of senior homes in Prague as well as homes for children and teenagers.

Restaurateurs Not Sure What to Do

The emergency situation restricting restaurant and bar operation hours expires on December 26. A future extension must be decided by the state officials who are not unanimous in this regard. The prevailing opinion, however, is that the state of emergency should be extended for at least a bit more, perhaps until the New Year.

Even though they received a lot of reservation requests, restaurateurs have no idea what to expect, but if the government decides again that restaurants must close by 10 p.m., the New Year’s Eve celebration will be in vain. Because of the uncertainty, many restaurateurs would rather not open their facilities at all.

This year’s fireworks don’t appear to be planned by major cities. Finally, in Prague, video mapping will not be considered because there is no way to ensure things like the number of participants, disease transmission safety, or spacing, according to the Prague authorities.

Brno’s New Year’s Eve events were not planned. Probably, none of the city districts will organize them either. But one thing is certain: the streets in the Czech Republic will be illuminated by amateur fireworks, therefore, firefighters and rescuers, who already got used to such occurrences, are encouraging people to proceed with caution.

The good news is that traditional Christmas markets in the Prague city center will take place, according to current information from the organizers. The markets are already open and will continue working until January 6.

Markets are also held in Wenceslas Square and Republic Square. Others take place on Peace Square or Tyl Square, for example.

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