Why You Should Make Exercise Part Of Your Daily Quarantine Routine

For all of us with excuses to not have time to exercise all year long, now it’s the time to forget about them. In this unfortunate time of quarantine, we all have spare time to invest in ourselves.

Make exercise as part of your daily routine it’s not just something you should think about during quarantine times. But I think it’s a good time to start this habit now and continue this routine when we back to normal.

I think everybody knows exercise is good for your physique, physical health, makes you look slimmer and better, improves the quality of your life, etc. But daily exercise can also improve your mental health, reduce stress, put you in a better mood, improve your sleep, boost your immunity and much more. All the good reasons to convince you to protect yourself in lockdown times.

Exercise to boost your immunity system: By exercising on a regular basis you may improve your lungs’ ability to distribute oxygen to your organs, your heart may get stronger and pump more blood through your body when your body is active. Physical activity may also decrease infection for viruses. People who exercise regularly are sick less, but also for fewer days, studies confirm.

Exercise to reduce stress level: When you exercise you help produce brain endorphins, which may work as a natural “painkiller”. When you exercise often your brain regularly produces endorphins that are responsible for feelings of relaxation and put you in a better mood. By exercising you lower your body stress hormones such as adrenaline, which we all need at the moment. Morning exercises are great because they improve your mood and increase productivity throughout the day.

Exercise to keep fit while in quarantine:  Keep fit while being lockdown at home. Firstly we have to watch what we eat, skip the junk food and try to eat a balanced diet. But without any movement through a day we all are facing a problem with putting unwanted weigh on. If you can go for a long walk in the forest or park fine, but if you don’t have any possibility, it’s important for you to exercise daily at least 25-45min. The Internet is full of fitness videos, apps, and guides, so no excuses!

Exercise to improve your sleep: When you exercise regularly you may notice that you don’t just feel better about yourself, but your sleeping improves at night too. You can benefit from a more restful sleep, improve insomnia, reduce stress level, increase sleep amount, etc. Don’t forget that good quality sleep plays an important role in your immune system.

Exercise to kill some time at home: It may seem like an irrelevant point, but we all have some spare time these days. Doing something beneficial for yourself like exercising is a great way how to kill an hour per day. It can be also a good activity with your partner or family, you can challenge yourself and push for better results.

Additional Resource: What are the Benefits of Split Squats?

Apps for a home workout:

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