WHO Czech Republic: “The Covid Situation in the Country is Worrying”

The Covid situation in the Czech Republic is “now worrying, and the spread of the infection across many regions and districts is intensifying”, the Czech branch of the World Health Organization (WHO) warned on Monday.

“Testing, contact tracing, and isolation are the only ways to fight Covid,” the local WHO office said on Facebook

“People without symptoms can also transmit the virus. Although a person becomes more contagious as soon as he develops symptoms, all those infected have the ability to transmit the infection,” continues the post.

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“It is important to diagnose and identify all positive people and their close contacts in time, as well as to isolate and provide them with health care if they need it. Most of those infected have a mild form of the disease, but a significant proportion of patients suffer from the effects of the disease for weeks and some of them for much longer,” the WHO said.

“The solution is not to stop tracing, but to quickly increase testing capacity,” the WHO said.

In the event that a vaccine becomes available next year, vaccination will be rolled out in three stages, with high-risk citizens in the first stage (including anyone over 65 years of age, and patients with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, high blood pressure, heart disease, severe obesity, cancer, kidney or liver disease, severe diabetes, and those who have received transplants).

The second stage includes key workers (general practitioners, dentists, pharmacists, firefighters, and police officers, staff in the energy sector, members of the government, and crisis staff), and the general public in the third.

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