In Brief: Which Measures Change Today in the Czech Republic?

From today, Monday 24th, restrictive measures for cultural and sports events will be relaxed.

Outdoor events can be watched live by up to 1,000 seated spectators, while a limit of 500 spectators will now apply to indoor events.

Visitors will be expected to have certificates of vaccination, negative Covid tests or proof of post-Covid immunity and must not mingle.

Small, single-hall cinemas will also be able to open, but will not be allowed to sell snacks. However, large multiplexes, such as Cinestar, Cinema City, and Premiere Cinemas, have stated that they do not wish to reopen until they are again allowed to sell refreshments.

Guesthouses, hotels, and other accommodation facilities are also allowed to reopen. Guests must prove in advance that they are not infected, using either a negative test, a certificate of completed vaccination, or proof of past illness and they will be accommodated for seven days.

If they wish to prolong their stay Covid tests will have to be repeated every seven days. Unlike pubs and restaurants, the responsibility of checking those certificates will lie with the respective venue.

Whether the client uses a PCR certificate or antigen test, the document must not be older than 48 hours.

Sporting activities will also be affected by the relaxation of measures. The number of people allowed on the sports fields will increase to 30 from the present 10.

The number of athletes permitted in one group will increase from two to 12.

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