Where to Throw Away the Christmas Tree in Prague?

According to Prague Services, people in Prague throw away about 300,000 Christmas trees every year.

They usually do so on the 6th of January or later; that is why Christmas trees are collected by the garbage collection service until the end of February.

According to Prague’s maintenance services spokesman, Radim Mana, people should not leave saplings near trash cans in courtyards, in locked cages, or near trash cans in family homes.

“Trees should definitely not end up next to such containers, not even when the dustbin is placed in front of the building for regular collection. The right place for a retired tree is a separate bin with colored containers,” said Mana.

He added that the current strong wind can move away the saplings placed by the garbage cans and therefore they recommend waiting for disposal until Sunday when the meteorological warning is supposed to pass.

The collection of trees will be handled by smaller flatbed trucks and larger specially designated garbage trucks.

The trees will be transported to the transhipment points in Průmyslová, Proboštská and Puchmajerova streets and from there they will go to composting plants where they will be used to produce wood chips and compost.

Some of the dirty or insufficiently cut trees may end up in the incinerator in Malešice, Mana added. Artificial trees, however, should be always recycled in collection yards.

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