What Will Czech Restaurants and Cinemas Look Like From May 11?

From May 11, ninth-graders students will return to school, cinemas, and theaters can reopen. Minister of Health added that there will be strict rules for visitors, such as a safe distance between them.

For example, cinemas will have a limit of 100 people per auditorium in the hall. However, they will not be allowed to sell any snacks. “No popcorn, no drinking. It would be necessary to take off the face mask and that is a great risk,” Vojtech explained.

There will always be one free row among the occupied ones. People must sit at least one empty seat apart. Only couples and married couples can sit next to each other.

Hairdressers and barbers need to wear a face mask. At the same time, it will be necessary to keep at least a two-meter distance between customers.

The Minister of Industry Karel Havlíček explained how restaurants’ gardens will work. “Customers can sit without restrictions at one table. However, the distance between guests at different tables must be one and a half meters”.

Shopping centers over 5,000 meters will open on May 11. Hand disinfection will be provided at each entrance. Disinfection must also be provided in all shops. Children’s corners and similar services won’t work. Employees must prevent people from gathering in front of the toilets.

“From May 11, it will be possible to try on clothes. Prerequisite is hand disinfection,” said Minister Vojtěch.

According to the Minister of Education Robert Plaga, kindergartens “will operate as usual, with increased hygienic measures”. Children do not have to wear a face mask, but they should spend most of their time outside outdoor.

Minister Plaga emphasized that the return of ninth-graders students to schools will be voluntary.

Sports and cultural events (up to 100 people) will be able to take place again, providing the epidemiological situation remains favourable and specific hygienic measures are in place. Indoor sports grounds will also be opened, said Milan Hnilička (ANO), chairman of the National Sports Agency.

Museums and galleries should also open from May 11. Up to 100 people will be allowed at the same time, with a maximum of one per ten square meters of space for visitors. “Galleries and museums know their exhibition area and therefore are able to count how many people can let in,” said Vojtech. Visitors have to keep two meters of safe distance.

Cross-border workers will newly be released from the mandatory quarantine if they present a negative test result to a district hygienic station within 72 hours after returning to the country. Negative test result will be required once in 30 days.

The smart quarantine project is to be applied actively nationwide as of May 1st after undergoing a testing period in several regions. It should replace the broad government-imposed restrictions which are being gradually eased.

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