Wednesday Recap: Coronavirus Updates in the Czech Republic

  • Police officers could be authorized to impose fines of up to CZK 10,000 for violating coronavirus measures. The Chamber of Deputies approved the bill draft. Now it goes to the Senate for the final step.


  • As of 14 April, travelling abroad for “essential activities” will be allowed. This will include business trips, assembly of a production facility, visit a doctor or a relative. Each trip will be followed by 14 days of obligatory quarantine upon return.


  • The number of cases in the Czech Republic increased to 5221, 99 people died, and the number of cured cases increased to 233. There are currently 403 Covid-19 positive patients in the hospitals, out of which 89 (22%) in the intensive care. Around 50% of deaths was due to a pre-existing condition rather than Covid-19.


  • According to Prof. Dušek the positive development of the Covid-19 pandemic in the CZ is mainly thanks to the early reaction of the government rather than other factors like high rate of vaccination against tuberculosis in the population.


  • Škoda Auto has decided to extend production halt within its three Czech factories to at least April 27, the company leadership informed on Wednesday.


  • The “Smart Quarantine” is ready to be launched in all the Czech regions, starting from tomorrow.


  • Football club Slavia Prague will use some of the money they recently earned through European competitions to support fellow Czech league one and two teams who have been hit by the ongoing cancellation of sports events.


  • About two-thirds of 9,000 Kurzarbeit applications in the first two days of the new state support scheme for firms were filled out wrong or incomplete.


  • Coronavirus outbreak affects recruitment and employment in many ways. The Czech Ministry of Labour expects a potential 5% rise in unemployment due to the strict actions taken against the virus.
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