Waf-Waf: Next Level Waffle (And Much More) in Prague

With three locations across Prague and another in Brno, American-style Waf-Waf restaurants are giving locals a chance to experiment with sweet and savoury breakfasts and lunches, offering a wide range of waffles, pancakes and crêpes.

Speaking to Prague Morning, part-owner Jonáš Basel said the “menu is full of special products that you can’t find anywhere else”.

“Restaurants in Prague only offer these products for dessert,” he said, “something you have after your main meal. We wanted to change that.”

The do-it-yourself menu on offer at Waf-Waf restaurants allows customers to pick and choose from “20 or 30 ingredients that they can mix themselves”.

Waf-Waf also have set menus for breakfast and lunch, including savoury options like their signature Wafchick chicken strip waffle sandwich, which Basel says has become “more and more popular”.

“I think we have really good savoury pancakes and waffles, so I’m not surprised people like them. They’re most popular on weekends for breakfast, but around 65 per cent of people still go for sweet alternatives,” he said.

Asked to pick a favourite item on the Waf-Waf menu, Basel said he “love[s] Waftella”.

“I think it’s our best product. Sweet pancakes with Nutella, strawberries, raspberries, oreo and mascarpone.”

Waf-Waf is popular with a range of customers, Basel said, catering to families with children, birthday parties, students and even businesses.

The company survived the pandemic and has now “been running for just over 5 years.”

“Covid was tough,” he said, “but it brought us new ideas. We now deliver across the whole of Prague using Wolt, Bolt and Dame Jidlo.”

“We celebrated our five-year anniversary in April,” Basel added.

Waf-Waf have restaurants in Letna, I.P Pavlova, Palladium shopping centre and in Brno and Basel is keen to expand the business, looking for people interested in setting up franchises “in Prague or in other cities”.

The Letna and I.P Pavlova restaurants are open Monday to Sunday from 8 am to 9 pm, with Waf-Waf Palladium and the Brno location opening one hour later at 9 am.

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