Visit to Bouzov Castle in Central Moravia

If you travel to the Czech Republic, you must stop in Olomouc, in the heart of the unknown Moravia (Czech Republic). However, today we want to discover one of the best excursions you can do if you stay for several days in the city.

Amongst the castles of the country, as you can read here, it is the beautiful castle of Bouzov or Búzov, located 35 kilometers from Olomouc, southwest of the town of Loštice, where we already told you that the famous Olomoucké tvarůžky cheese is made. A must gastronomic stop in

This castle is one of the most known, visited and photographed buildings in the Czech Republic and has served as inspiration for numerous filmmakers who have used its courtyards and rooms to shoot scenes for their films. And no wonder since its impressive stone walls, moat and battlements resembles a typical medieval fairytale castle.

Imagine living in a time when these castles existed and the culture is very different from today. In those times, for example, women were accused of witchcraft and practices were applied to find out if they were. Another example is that of entertainment.

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Despite being built in the second half of the 13th century by its first owner and great lord, Búz of Búzov, its current appearance is not what it had in the Middle Ages. In the 16th century, it suffered a fire, and due to financial problems, it was not finished to be rebuilt until 1620.

However, the current image of this immense fortress is the result of the romantic reform that took place at the end of the 19th century, financed by Eugene von Habsburg, former Grand Master of the Teutonic Order.

After different ownership changes, the castle was in the hands of the Knights of the Teutonic Order in the 17th century. The fortress belonged to the order until 1939 when World War II began and the Nazis confiscated it. After the war, it passed into the hands of the Czechoslovak state as a national institution, which continues to this day.

Inside the castle

Once we have crossed the entrance courtyard and walked over the moat, we enter the interior of this huge building with red roofs in which everything is taken care of to the maximum detail.

Most of the furnishings belong to the former private collections of Archduke Eugene and the Knights of the Teutonic Order. However, most instruments and other furniture are of modern manufacture, as they were made to measure following the original medieval style.

Undoubtedly, the most exciting part of the visit is the neo-Gothic chapel, which has a Gothic altar. This beautiful room is decorated with the tombs of the masters of the Teutonic Order who died between 1395 and 1515.

We can also see a sample of the best examples of medieval armor located in what was the old Gothic hall of the original castle.


In the castle, we can make various guided tours, which can be booked on, and choose the one that most interests us or the available time, as there are 30-40 to 80 minutes.

We can visit the medieval rooms in a perfect state of restoration, see how they already had advanced bathrooms and heating or visit the Court Room or the Watchmen’s Rooms.

If we travel with children, we cannot miss the “Heraldic Beasts” exhibition located in the basement and with which they can learn more about the mythical stories of dragons and knights with life-size reproductions.

There are six different tours of varying lengths, plus the “Heraldic Beasts” extension, which is paid separately. In addition, there are themed tours for adults or children and special tours by reservation only. In winter, there is a 60-minute Winter Tour.

In addition, the castle offers a wide range of activities and themed parties. Moreover, you can even rent its rooms for weddings. And above all, it is worth enjoying the vast gardens surrounding the castle, ideal for strolling in autumn or playing in the snow in winter.

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