Vietnamese Potraviny Offer Free Coffee, Drinks to Healthcare Workers

Veronika B.

Various Vietnamese shops nationwide offer free coffee to the medical professionals who are working tirelessly to fight the spread of the novel coronavirus.

Hundreds of so-called vecerka or potraviny (small shops open until late) across the country began offering free packaged tea, coffee, and soft drinks to doctors, nurses, and policemen, as reported by Czech Television.

‘Vecerka’ are often tiny self-service stores that sell just about anything you need; from bread, vegetables, and fruit to Becherovka and Asian delicacies.

Shops and cafes that have joined the initiative, hanged an announcement with a picture of a heart on the front doors.

“We wondered how we could help as a community. The idea came from the people themselves,” says Tran Van Sang, who’s behind this initiative.




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