Visit Your Doctor, Without Leaving Home

Desperate times call for…modern measures. While the rampant coronavirus pandemic is putting a severe strain on the health care system in countries all over the world, doctors, entrepreneurs, and politicians, are trying to find suitable solutions to the problem. is one such example.

With this new web portal, you will be able to access online consultations with your GP and many other health professionals.

The website allows people who are self-isolating to limit their movements and also protects the doctors themselves. is the first website to offer such a service to patients in the Czech Republic, supporting the community to access quality healthcare advice during this challenging time.

How does it work?

The service is free for both doctors and patients. The patient needs first to register himself and then can require for a video call.

Once the patient receives the invitation, he can log in and open the video call. At this point, the doctor who issued the invitation receives a notification and joins the patient online.

The doctor offers a distance medical consultation, using audiovisual supports: the medical consultation is then done through the computer screen or mobile phone, thanks to which doctor and patient can see each other in real-time. works in accordance with Czech legislation and GDPR. Other applications like Skype cannot be used in accordance with the law.

During the first days, conducted more than 300 online consultations.

Remote monitoring, telemedicine, and home healthcare are becoming popular around the world amid coronavirus-linked lockdowns and movement restrictions.

“We don’t know how long this uncertainty will last, but in no way can we deny a patient his right of consulting a doctor. This is an attempt to extend technology-based expertise to the patient,” says one of Czech doctor who takes part in the project.


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