VIDEO: Czech Police Officer Slaps Girl During “Social Distance” Control

A Czech policeman slapped one girl during a “social distance” control of a young group of people in Řepy, Prague 17.

The news is reported by iRozhlas.

“Our officer behaved unprofessionally and in violation of the law and he’s is under investigation,” Prague Municipal Police spokeswoman Irena Seifertová said.

“We immediately forwarded the video to the City Police Inspectorate of the City of Prague. Although we do not yet know exactly what happened on the spot, it is already evident that our officer behaved unprofessionally. This iscompletely unacceptable and we are very sorry,” added Seifertová.

Tereza Smažinková – the girl in the video – describes what happened today afternoon: “I was with three friends at a pond in Prague Řepy, when someone called for a patrol. Two police cars arrived, altogether there were five or six officers. They began to behave aggressively and threatened us with a fine, which of course they were entitled to, as we realize that we were violating the decree.” writes Tereza.

“Everything was fine until one of the officers said we were not keeping the safe distance,” she continues. “When I stood up, I was slapped as seen at the beginning of the video.”

“The policeman’s physical assault was not preceded neither by aggression nor by verbal insult. He also refused to give us his name or identification number,” she says.

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