Czech Ministry to Set Conditions for Vaccination of Foreigners

Next week, the ministry will set the conditions for vaccinating foreigners; innoculation may also be made accessible to self-payers.

Next week, the Ministry of Health will set the conditions and enable vaccination for foreigners in the Czech Republic against Covid-19.

It could also be possible for self-payers, Minister of Health Petr Arenberger (for ANO) told deputies.

“Members of the diplomatic corps are vaccinated in the same way. They only pay for the application and have the vaccine for free,” the minister said. Self-payers will also pay for the vaccine.

“The vaccination centers that are selected will pay the vaccine back to the state,” the minister added. The minister has not yet said when foreigners could be vaccinated.

Ministry of Health spokeswoman, Jana Schillerová, said that the office is preparing the possibility of registering foreigners who do not have public health insurance in the Czech Republic or other EU countries in the Central Registration System.

“This will be mainly Czech citizens who do not have public health insurance, foreigners from the EU, and foreigners from other countries who have a long-term residence in the Czech Republic,” she mentioned.

Foreigners with public health insurance from EU countries, the European Economic Area, Switzerland, and countries with which the Czech Republic has a bilateral agreement, such as Albania, Montenegro, Northern Macedonia, Serbia, Tunisia, and Turkey, have the same status as participants with Czech health insurance.

“Vaccination against coronavirus is a service covered by public health insurance if the legal conditions are met, “said Vlastimil Sršeň, spokesman for the General Health Insurance Company.

Foreigners who have a European Health Insurance Card are only entitled to the necessary care in the Czech Republic. VZP considers that vaccination is essential to care, especially for more extended stays, not for short-term stays, such as tourist visits.

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