Aged 18 and Older Can Get Vaccinated in July, Minister of Health says

vaccination czechia 18 and older

July holds promise for vaccination of the youth, whilst authorities plan a booster vaccination in the near future due to a decrease in antibodies.

The Ministry of Health wants to open the vaccine registration for the youth (16-18+ years old) residing in the Czech Republic. 

More than 100,000 people aged 55 to 59 registered for the Covid-19 vaccination on Wednesday, the first day they were eligible to do so, the Smart Quarantine announced on Twitter.

Those interested in the vaccine can register via the website of the Ministry of Health or apply for it at their GPs. The number of waiting places can be verified on the website of the Institute of Health Information and Statistics.

Additionally, there is supposedly a plan for booster vaccination, because of new mutations to the virus and a decrease in antibodies in the population. 

According to Arenberger, vaccinations might take place in hospitals, “We have to realize that if we want to re-inoculate a group this large, we’re going to need new points,” said Arenberger. However, according to the President of the Association of General Practitioners, Petr Shonka, it would be more logical for this procedure to take place in the GP’s offices.

While this may be extremely good news regarding the vaccination progress, many family doctors are claiming that they have yet to receive an adequate number of vaccines for the oldest age group.

“Slovenia, Austria, and Hungary may have declared their intention to donate vaccines to us, but we have yet to see this done – no one contacted us with either preliminary information or a specific offer,” said Jana Schiller, a spokeswoman for the Ministry of Health.

Arenberger told the House Health Committee on Wednesday that vaccine supplies will be high this week; however, none of the COVID-19 vaccines promised to the Czech Republic in early April have arrived.

According to a statement from the government office, everything has been delayed and vaccines are promised by the end of June. Evidently, a pattern of consistent delays for vaccines has been going on for months.

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