Underpass From Hlavní Nádraží to Žižkov is Finally Open

Underpass From Hlavní Nádraží to Žižkov

The railway administration has opened an underpass leading from the Main Railway Station (Hlavní Nádraží) to Žižkov.

People will be able to avoid the U Bulhara crossroads and walk straight from Vrchlický sady to Seifertova street.

The construction took about 16 months and cost CZK 219.5 million.

The project included also new escalators and a lift at the exit from the extended northern underpass where an information and orientation system had been set up as well.

The supplier carried out related adaptations of the catenary and completed the road and surface for pedestrians at the underpass exit.

At the opening of the underpass, Minister of Transport Karel Havlíček reminded that the underpass will make the transfer of Žižkov and Vinohrady residents much easier.

The reconstruction of the Art Nouveau Fanta building is also continuing at Prague Central Station. The renovation of the facade with subsequent renovation of the interior should be completed shortly. It started this year. In October, the administration also wants to present further projects on the planned route to the airport.

“Everyone needed it,” Prime Minister Andrej Babiš praised himself on his Twitter, reminding that he had been waiting for this underpass for decades.


Underpass From Hlavní Nádraží to Žižkov

Underpass From Hlavní Nádraží to Žižkov

Underpass From Hlavní Nádraží to Žižkov


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