UK Removes 14-Day Isolation for the Czech Republic

Passengers entering the UK from dozens of countries (including the Czech Republic) no longer have to quarantine.

England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland today relaxed travel restrictions for travelers coming from the Czech Republic and dozens of other countries.

However, not all of them have ended restrictions for UK tourists when they arrive there.

The restrictive measure has been in force since June 8.

The Transport Secretary Grant Shapps has published the full list of countries where the Government has abandoned its quarantine policy.  They are:

• Andorra
• Antigua and Barbuda
• Aruba
• Australia
• Austria
• Bahamas
• Barbados
• Belgium
• Bonaire,
• Croatia
• Curaçao
• Cyprus
• Czech Republic
• Denmark
• Dominica
• Faroe Islands
• Fiji
• Finland
• France
• French Polynesia
• Germany
• Greece
• Greenland
• Grenada
• Guadeloupe
• Hong Kong
• Hungary
• Iceland
• Italy
• Jamaica
• Japan
• Liechtenstein
• Lithuania
• Luxembourg
• Macau
• Malta
• Mauritius
• Monaco
• Netherlands
• New Caledonia
• New Zealand
• Norway
• Poland
• Réunion
• San Marino
• Serbia
• Seychelles
• Sint Eustatius and Saba
• South Korea
• Spain
• St Barthélemy
• St Kitts and Nevis
• St Lucia
• St Pierre and Miquelon
• Switzerland
• Taiwan
• Trinidad and Tobago
• Turkey
• Vatican City
• Vietnam

You will still have to isolate for 14 days if you arrive back in the UK from Canada, the US, and much of Central or South America.

Countries in Africa, the Middle East and most of Asia are also excluded.

Travelers from Sweden, Portugal, Russia and anywhere else not on the list will also have to quarantine.


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