Uber in Prague Has Lowered its Fares

Despite rising inflation, and significant increases in fuel prices, Uber has leveled the bar with its direct Estonian competitor Bolt.

Taking a taxi via Uber will be even more convenient than before. That’s because, from 2 pm on Monday, February 14, 2022, Uber has reduced the price for taxis booked through its app in the UberX Saver segment.

The new price is a minimum of CZK 75 (it was CZK 85). For example, a ride via UberX Saver from Pařížská Street in the centre of Prague to Depot Hostivař will cost approximately CZK 198 (9.6 km for a 25 minutes ride) after this change.

For a short distance, the minimum fare is now CZK 75. The price of the cheapest 30-minute ticket in Prague public transport is CZK 30, so it is economically worth it to take Uber with three people rather than public transport.

The American company has thus leveled the bar with its direct Estonian competitor Bolt, which has long beaten Uber in the Bolt Economy segment with the lowest prices on the market.

In addition, also Bolt has now a minimum price of only 70 CZK, so it’s really convenient if you are a group of people, especially if you have additional luggage.

Vehicle operators driving for Bolt and Uber pay a commission of 15-25% on each ride, plus 21% VAT.

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