U Skřetů – Restaurant With Authentic Slovak Halušky

If you are not planning to visit Slovakia during your traveling through Europe, you may at least taste something typical Slovak – Halušky s bryndzou.

Restaurant “U Skřetů” can be easily missed when you walk by it, but once you locate the entrance (on the picture above it is the small door on the left) and brave the steep spiral staircase down to the cellar, you will have a chance to dine as if you were in Bratislava in Slovakia.

Halušky are perfectly accompanied by beer and here again, you will have a choice of beer produced in Slovakia. And you will see that, even though Slovakia is better known for its wine, they can make a decent beer as well.

One curiosity about this restaurant is also the fact that you can ask for the menu in Esperanto, and if you are lucky you can meet also some people speaking that language since the local Esperanto club is sometimes meeting right here.

Halušky s bryndzou

Ask any Slovak and they will tell you that bryndzové halušky is the national dish. Potato ‘dumplings’ are smothered in a sheep cheese, rather like soft feta, and topped with a good dose of bacon (don’t forget the drippings!).

Halušky are made of raw potatoes grated small, flour, and egg. The dough is pressed through a contraption with holes so that the dough drops into the boiling water.


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