Two-Weeks Quarantine Now Compulsory for ALL People Returning to the Czech Republic

Tough new quarantine rules will force all travelers arriving in the Czech Republic from abroad into a two-week isolation period.

The decision was taken in view of the worsening situation world-wide.

The news is reported by Jan Hamacek (CSSD), Deputy Prime Minister and Interior Minister.

Until now, the quarantine obligation only applied to people returning from 19 high-risk countries, including the US, Spain, Italy, Germany, Austria, France, Australia, and the United Kingdom.

The resolution has a number of exceptions. One of them is for cross-borders health workers, social services or emergency services and diplomats.

The new measure applies to Czech citizens and foreigners with permanent or temporary residence over 90 days in the Czech Republic.

The number o confirmed coronavirus infection cases reached 3001 in the Czech Republic on Tuesday morning.

277 people are hospitalized with COVID 19 and roughly a fifth of them are in a serious to critical condition.

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