Two-Thirds of Czechs Wish to Travel Abroad

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Of all leisure activities, Czechs missed travelling the most during the pandemic, as conveyed by 70 percent of respondents.

In the current situation, two-thirds of Czechs want to travel abroad, which is 20 percentage points more than last year, based on the findings of an online survey conducted for Prague Airport by the Median agency on a sample of 1,572 respondents during April and May 2021.

Prague Airport had the same survey conducted last year in order to map the demand for travel. The survey thus offers a comparison of the opinions of Czechs after the first wave of the COVID-19 pandemic and after more than a year of living with the disease spread consequences.

The willingness of the interviewed Czechs to travel abroad increases even more under scenarios with no systemic or personal restrictions. 

In such cases, 85 percent of respondents would travel immediately or within a maximum of two months. Last July, there were over three quarters of respondents providing the same answer. Interest in air travel has also increased.

In the current situation, a total of 63 percent of passengers would choose this means of transport. In July last year, it was 41 percent of survey respondents.

In recent weeks, Prague Airport has been focusing intensively on restoring air connections and facilitating the return of air carriers and their services to Prague. This June, we will offer flights to over 70 destinations, namely to Croatia, Greece, Turkey, Egypt, Dubai and Malta,” Jakub Puchalský, Member of the Prague Airport Board of Directors, said.

The survey results show that Czechs missed travelling the most, making the travel experiences an unquestionable winner. Visits to restaurants, bars, and cafés came in second place at a great margin, missed by half of the respondents.

45 percent of respondents missed cultural events. As many as 42 percent of people missed meeting family members and friends, while sports were missed by about every third respondent.

The survey has also revealed that up to 68 percent of respondents plan to invest the most in travelling thanks to the relaxation of rules. In the case of future investments of Czechs, travelling occupies the first place among all leisure activities. Czechs want to spend more money on foreign holidays and pass more time abroad.

The number of people who do not wish to travel by air at all, even with the measures in place, is only 18 percent, i.e., more than half fewer than last year. Thus, the fear of infection when travelling abroad has significantly decreased compared to the summer of 2020. 

“Passengers perceive the airport as safe. Three quarters of the respondents would consider anti-epidemiological measures to be sufficient even without the two-metre distance rule observed,” Daniel Otta, Prague Airport Customer Experience Manager, said, quoting the survey results.

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