Tschechien News Launches German-Language News Service

tschechien news

The site has been in operation since mid-March and aims to provide the German contingent in the Czech Republic with a reliable source of local news.

A new German-language news service called Tschechien.News is gaining popularity in the Czech Republic, focussing on business and politics targeted at German-speaking expats.

The site has been in operation since mid-March and aims to grow to provide the German contingent in Prague and the rest of the country with a reliable source of local news.

In a statement to Prague Morning, a spokesman for Tschechien.News said the service aims to fill a “gap in the market and come with a new fresh approach to deliver important and informative news to our readers”.

The site began several years ago as a simple Facebook page, posting news articles from several servers writing about Prague and the Czech Republic. By the end of last year, the decision was made to launch a website and three months later an initial version was up and running.

“Our readers are of course German-speaking expats, but also Czech locals interested in the German language,” he said. “Since mid-March, we’ve seen a growing readership coming from Germany and Austria.”

“With a good mix of politics, business, and lifestyle, we bring news relevant for people living in the country, but of course, a lot of this information is also interesting for people visiting the Czech Republic.”

He added that as the site is still new, there are plans for “continuous improvements of the service.”

“Basically, we truly bring the news to you,” he said. Tschechien.News can be found at their website as well on social media including Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

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