Trams and Buses in Prague are Also Taking Part in Movember

For the fifth year in a row, transport companies across the Czech Republic will join the Movember global campaign, which focuses on men’s health.

Throughout the whole month of November, buses and trams will be decked out with some magnificent mo’s to raise awareness about men’s health issues.

This year, 11 transport companies will take part in this global charity event highlighting the prevention of prostate and testicular cancer.

The main goal is to raise funds to combat this insidious disease and to draw attention to the need for preventive examinations.

Some people wish that the metros were taking part as well. “It is a shame that the front metro cars are not decorated in this way. A mustached M1 would be funny.” Ondřej Duba writes on Prague’s Integrated Transport Prague.

Movember is formed of two English words – Moustache and November. It is one of the worldwide charity events that support the fight against prostate cancer. Unlike other similar events, it focuses only on men, specifically on prostate cancer – and especially men aged 40-70 years.

In the Czech Republic, the Foundation Fund Men against Cancer is in charge of this activity. Roman Zachoval, Ph.D., the senior doctor of the urology department of Thomayerova hospital in Prague, is the chairman of this fund.

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