Top Czech News Headlines: Friday, July 22, 2022

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  • The Financial Analytical Office has frozen Russian assets worth CZK 10 billion since the outbreak of the invasion of Ukraine, the office’s director Jiří Hylmar told news site Seznam Zprávy in an interview published on Thursday.


  • The comparative survey of infrastructure quality between EU nations found mixed results for the Czech Republic. The country has the densest railway network in the EU, with 121.25 kilometres of railways per 1,000 square kilometres, ahead of second-placed Belgium (118.15 kilometres) and third-placed Germany (107 kilometres). However, the country ranks 23rd in the condition of its roads.


  • Czech humanitarian NGO People in Need has helped more than 317,000 Ukrainians in their home country since Russia invaded Ukraine in February of this year, the organisation announced via press release on Thursday.


  • The European Commission found conflicts of interest in the distribution of EU funds, and as a result, Czechia will have these amounts deducted from future subsidies. One example includes disbursement to a bakery from Agrofert, which Babis transferred to trust funds to meet the Czech conflict of interest law.


  • The Chamber of Deputies approved on Wednesday legislation that would limit film incentives to a maximum of CZK 150 million for a project per year, the Czech News Agency reports.

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