Top 5 Relaxing Gardens in Prague

Františkánská zahrada – Jungmannovo náměstí, Prague 1

Situated in the heart of New Town near Wenceslas and Squares is the quaint Franciscan Garden. The garden is home to beautiful rose bushes and a few small flower gardens, as well as some sculptures and fountains. The garden is kid-friendly as well, with a sandpit and see-saw. The garden can be entered from the back of Pasáž Světozor or from a small almost hidden gateway at Jungmannovo náměstí.

Valdštejnská zahrada – Letenská, Prague 1

Wallenstein Palace itself is a beautiful work of Baroque architecture. Built in the early 1600s, the complex was restored in 2002 and won a prestigious European award for the preservation of cultural heritage. The mannerist garden lies on the southern side of the palace. The fountain has fish in its pool, presided over by Hercules battling a dragon.

Vojanovy sady – U lužického semináře, Prague 1

According to the sign at the entrance to the garden, the area was established first as a church orchard in 1248 and is the oldest partially preserved garden in Prague. 

Here you can find peace from the bustle of the city, near a small lake in the shade of trees to rest on a bench and admire the stalactites decorate the chapel of St. Elijah with wall paintings and sundial from the 17th century. Although there isn’t much shade near the benches as they are located along the main walkway, there are options to sit under trees at the small manmade pond on the edge of the park.

Kinského zahrada – Holečkova and Újezd streets, Prague 5

You can find plenty of places suitable for pleasant walks underneath Petřín Hill. Kinský Garden offers not just beautiful nature but especially many buildings and objects which make the garden just perfect. The zig-zag paths will take you to the sandstone rocks, pools, waterfalls, shifting staircase, Orthodox church, playground and other beauties of nature.

Rajská zahrada – U rajské zahrady, Prague 3

One of the newer recreation areas in the city was built between 2006 and ’08, and has a waterfall, ever-changing assortments of flowers and roses on trellises. Historically, the area was a vineyard, and later an orchard before falling into disrepair by the 1990s.

Note that there is a metro stop also called Rajská zahrada. The garden is nowhere near that stop. The closest metro is náměstí Jiřího z Poděbrad, or the tram stop Husinecká.

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