Thursday Recap: Coronavirus Updates in the Czech Republic

  • The Czech government has officially extended the State of Emergency to April 30, Prime Minister Andrej Babiš said on Thursday.


  • Prague may lose up to 64 billion CZK in revenues due to the new coronavirus outbreak which halted tourism


  • As of April, labor offices in the Czech Republic have registered 27,151 people seeking to find employment, a nearly two-fold increase compared to the first week of March. Despite this, at 3 percent, the unemployment rate remains the same as it was in February.


  • The Czech Chamber of Deputies has approved a government bill that allows the police to fine people who are violating anti-coronavirus restrictions. The fine could be up to 10,000 CZK.


  • The government has eased the obligation to wear face masks. It’s not obligatory anymore for people with autism and public transport drivers in a closed cabin.


  • The Czech Republic will donate 25 million CZK to the countries hit by the coronavirus pandemic. The money will be predominantly given to Bosnia and Herzegovina, Ukraine, Moldova, Georgia, and Cambodia. The money is to be spent on the projects dealing with the immediate impact of the coronavirus, to provide health care and support sanitary measures and nutrition.


  • Self-employed will be able to receive up to CZK 25,000 from the state due to coronavirus. The government’s proposal was signed by President Zeman.


  • Babis: “I would ask you to hold on. It is extremely important that you follow the measures during this Easter weekend. The best way is to stay at home and don’t visit relatives. The government will present a plan to relax the measures after Easter. The bans will be lifted in a controlled way.”



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