Three-Quarters of Czechs Plan to Spend This Summer in the Czech Republic

79 percent of Czechs plan to spend the summer holidays in their home country. On average, each person plans to spend 6,150 CZK.

Among the most impactful proposals put forward by the Czech government has been the introduction of tourism vouchers to be used by the country’s citizens in order to make domestic travel more affordable for them, while also driving up demand and propping up venues like hotels and restaurants across the country.

During the summer period, 89 percent of Czechs are planning a shorter day trip around the country. The new survey was conducted by CzechTourism.

“The average expense is over 700 CZK per person per day, with the most being spent on accommodation and meals in restaurants,” said Jan Herget, Director of CzechTourism.

“Czechs do not perceive the impact on finances negatively. In addition, two-thirds of them are choosing a specific location in the Czech Republic, so we are happy that cities, regions, and the government came up with various vouchers that aim to attract undecided travelers,” he added.

Prague, South Bohemia, and Central Bohemia prepared their own voucher system for domestic tourism. The Czech state will support a holiday in the spa with up to 4,000 CZK per person.

Guests need to spend minimum six nights in a spa to get the voucher, which is valid from the beginning of July.

The online survey for CzechTourism was conducted by Mind Bridge and Economic Impact. It took place between 3 and 11 June, with the participation of 1000 respondents.

In the first quarter of 2020, foreign visitor numbers in the Czech Republic fell by over 26% and the drop over the April-June period is expected to be much bigger, BIRN says in its report.

That will hit the economy in a country where tourism accounts for about 3% of GDP. The state Czech Tourism agency warns that around 5 billion euros in revenue and up to 80,000 jobs could be lost this year.

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