Carolers Start the 22nd Three Kings’ Money Collection

Three Kings Collection 2022

The start of the New Year has kicked off the largest and most successful fund-raiser in the country – the now traditional Three Kings Collection, organised by the Catholic charity Caritas.

Money collected during the “Three Kings Collection” is used first of all to help sick, disabled, and elderly people, mothers with children in need and other groups of socially disadvantaged people especially in the regions where the collection is held.

Approximately one-tenth of the proceeds are used for humanitarian aid and development abroad.

A group of carolers is made by children dressed as the Three Kings (or Magi from the East), who came to Bethlehem to adore Jesus.

The volunteer “kings” go caroling from house to house, leaving their initials – ‘K + M + B’ – above the door frames as a symbol of blessing.

The collection takes place in the first two weeks of January. The carolers bear a money box sealed with a logo of the Caritas Czech Republic and their leader – adult – has a Caritas ID card.

The Three Kings Money Collection is the largest volunteer event in the Czech Republic.

Since 2000, it has raised overall 1.5 billion crowns in aid of the needy. Last year it took place exclusively online raising 81.5 million crowns.

People can support the collection through bank transfer to the account number 66008822/0800 or via “donatory SMS” – text DMS KOLEDA is sent to the number 87777. Out of the message’s price 30 CZK, 27 crowns are sent to the charity (1 EUR = 25.3 CZK).

For information on how to donate go to

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