Thousands Protest Against Restrictions Across the Country

Protesters have taken to streets across the Czech Republic in protest against mandatory vaccination, with more than 2,000 people rallying in Brno.

The decree obliges people over the age of 60 and those working in selected professions to get vaccinated before March.

In Prague, the protestors plan to then March through Prague’s center towards the Office of Government.

Among the larger demonstrations, hundreds of demonstrators turned out Ústí nad Labem, Olomouc, Karlovy Vary and České Budějovice.

Police said the demonstration was largely peaceful.

Protests also took place today in France, Italy, Germany and Austria.

The French interior ministry said 105,200 people participated in Saturday’s protests across France, 18,000 of them in the capital Paris, where police reported 10 arrests and three officers slightly injured.

In Germany, protesters rallied in several cities on Saturday, with the largest event held in Hamburg, where some 16,000 people attended, according to the police.

In Italy, hundreds of people in the city of Turin protesting against rules that make vaccines mandatory for anyone more than the age of 50.

Latest measures in the Czech Republic

Starting from January 11th, the mandatory quarantine period will be reduced to five days. The regular testing of employees will continue and will be increased to twice a week from January 17th be increased twice a week, for an initial period of two to three weeks.

If employees refuse to take the test, the employer is obliged to report this to the local public health authority as soon as possible.

Those refusing are then required to wear a respirator, maintain a distance of 1.5 meters from other people, if possible, and eat separately.

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