This Toilet in Prague is Accessible Only by SMS

While those in London can use SMS to actually find a lavatory, folks passing through Prague 6 will be required to bust out their handset in order to relieve themselves in select public restrooms.

The City Hall has implemented a system at Lotyšská, Anastázova, U Valu, na Hadovce and U Ladronka streets which requires restroom visitors to text a short code in order to let themselves in. The service costs 10 CZK.

The idea is that folks will be less likely to lose their mind and graffiti up the place knowing that their mobile number is (at least temporarily) on file.

How does it work?

1. Send a message with MWC 0X (the ending number for each cabin is different) to 90206.

2. Within 10 seconds the booth will start to beep. It says that you can come in.

Author: red

• FOTO: Blesk: Karel Kopáč

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