Where Can You Get Help? The Expat’s Guide to Therapists in Prague

therapists in prague list

Where to turn when you or your loved ones have had enough? Here’s a list of specialized centers and English-speaking therapists in Prague that you can reach out to.


Prague Crisis and Medical Centers
When it’s an emergency.

RIAPS Crisis Center

RIAPS is a 24-hour psychiatric emergency center at Žizkov. It’s a healthcare facility providing complex patient care in difficult life situations that threaten their mental health. It connects psychologists, psychiatrists, nurses, therapists, and social workers, helping clients actively resolve their problems. The methods used are primarily crisis intervention, individual and group psychotherapy, relaxation techniques, and others.

  • +420 222 580 697 – Crisis line, non-stop
  • Chelčického 39, 130 00 Prague 3

Crisis Intervention Center in Bohnice

CKI is open to anyone who, for whatever reason, finds themselves in a crisis. You can visit the center in person at any time. The center offers immediate assistance without an appointment 24 hours a day. The telephone operators speak Czech only, but most doctors speak English.

  • +420 284 016 110
  • Psychiatrická nemocnice Bohnice Ústavní 91, 181 02 Prague 8​

Psychiatric clinic of General University Hospital in Prague

The VFN Psychiatric Clinic provides comprehensive diagnostic and therapeutic care for patients with mental disorders in an acute state at standard inpatient wards and super confessional care for patients difficult to diagnose, pharmacoresistant, or otherwise complicated.

  • +420 | 224 965 344 | 224 965 345
  • Všeobecná fakultní nemocnice v Praze – VFN,  Ke Karlovu 11, 128 08 Prague 2 

Canadian Medical

Canadian Medical provides care at nine clinics in Prague and Brno. They are the facility of choice for English-speaking foreigners living in Prague. 

National Institute of Mental Health

The outpatient clinic specializes in the treatment of patients with psychotic, affective (mood), and anxiety disorders. They offer outpatient services to English and German-speaking clients.

  • +420 283 088 | 244  283 088 139 | 283 088 140
  • Topolová 748, 250 67 Klecany (Prague suburbs)

Acorus – Help for victims of domestic violence

ACORUS is a Czech charity organization. They provide crisis accommodation in the ACORUS safe house for women and mothers with children who are in a crisis as a consequence of a violent relationship. ACORUS runs a Counselling Centre in Prague 7 where they offer legal counseling, psychological and psychotherapeutic help (individual and group therapy).  Services are provided free of charge and anonymously.

  • +420 283 892 772 hotline, non-stop
  • Contact


Centers and Organizations in Prague with English speaking Therapists
When you want to look at things from a different angle or you are motivated to work systematically on your problems.

Association for Integration and Migration

They offer professional support and consultations to all clients who are currently in a difficult personal situation. To make an appointment contact their counselor František Cihlář:

Fokus Praha

The mission of Fokus Praha is to support people experiencing mental health problems in their efforts to manage their lives independently and find opportunities for self-fulfillment within their community. Target groups are mainly adults experiencing mental health problems but not only.

  • +420 233 553 303
  • Dolákova 24, 181 00 Praha 8


The Lávka Psychotherapeutic Center provides psychological help and support to people who are in a difficult life situation. They provide psychotherapy and psychological counseling, organize self-experience courses and seminars, offer help to people who are confronted with death, and help resolve disputes through mediation.

  • +420 608 917 772
  • Psychoterapeutické centrum Lávka, Kafkova 10, Prague 6

Prague Integration

Prague integration center offers mental health support through support groups and group or individual counseling. “We are a group of young professionals from different backgrounds but with one aim – to help foreigners feel at home! We are experts in employment, immigration politics, and mental health support.”


Respektrum is psychological counseling for people who are in difficult life and/or professional situations or are simply in a situation when they need to talk to someone who will listen and help in finding a direction. They offer psychotherapy, coaching, counseling 1:1, or N:N.

  • +420 733 266 405 | 222 075 120
  • Polyclinic at Národní 9, Prague 1, 3rd floor


English Speaking Therapists in Prague
Psychotherapy focuses on healing emotional and mental suffering in patients through behavioral intervention. They can’t prescribe you medication but they can point out a psychiatrist if needed.

Gail Whitmore

Born in Glasgow and raised in New York City, Gail has been working first as a volunteer and then as a professional in counseling and crisis intervention for over twenty years. Besides her native English language, she’s conversant in Czech, Italian, Spanish, German, Dutch, and French.

Tomas Holcner

A Chartered Clinical Psychologist from Prague specializing in adult psychotherapy and counseling. He has worked in the field of mental health with people who have presented with complex mental health difficulties and emotional distress since 2003. These have ranged from relationship difficulties, anxiety disorders (agoraphobia, social anxiety disorder, specific phobias, OCD, PTSD), and low self-esteem to bereavement and depression.

Silvia Miklikova

Silvia finished her Psychology studies at the Comenius University in Bratislava with a Master’s Degree and is a certified Gestalt Therapist. She provides therapy and counseling for depression, anxiety, self-destructive behavior, cross-cultural issues, adjustment, and relationship/partnership issues. With experience in working with addictions, she also treats clients with abuse problems (e.g., alcohol, gambling, drugs, eating disorders), client’s significant others, and loved ones.

Willi Roes

Willi Roes was born in Germany, studied psychology and pedagogy, and worked as a psychotherapist in France for 30 years. He has lived in Prague since 2012. He offers consultations in English, French, and German to individuals, couples, and children.

Ivana Ballova

Ivana has a Master’s Degree in psychology and has worked for more than 16 years with clients in Slovakia, the Czech Republic, and Luxembourg. The main focus of her practice is helping clients with issues and relationships.

Jana Gal

Jana studied Clinical Psychology at the University of New York in Prague, Social Work at the Prague College of Psychosocial Studies, and Cultural anthropology at Ludwig Maximilian University in Munich/Germany. She offers psychotherapy and job counseling.

Svetlana Coalson

Svetlana O. Coalson, MA, MSc (Psychotherapy), was educated at St. Petersburg State Academy of Culture (Russia), Cornell University (USA), and University of Sheffield (UK). She has lived and worked in the USA, Russia, France, and the Czech Republic and founded her practice in 2008. She provides adult and adolescent expat clients with English language individual and couples counseling in Prague.

Dana Piestanska

Dana is a counseling psychologist working and living in Prague. She received her Master’s degree in Clinical and Counseling Psychology and a Bachelor’s Degree in both Psychology and Criminal Justice in the United States. She has worked with clients of various ages, social and cultural backgrounds. Dana offers psychological counseling for a variety of clients in both Czech and English.

Tyler Tolson

Tyler is an American with 6 years of experience counseling women, youth, and the LGBTQIA+ community by utilizing trauma-informed methods to help clients move from fear and pain into growth and self-actualization. She is located in Prague.

Kristyna Schejbalova

Kristyna works as a soft skills lecturer focusing on communication in all forms, conflicts, and stress management and she’s a therapist at regional addictology ambulance for children and adolescents in Ústí nad Labem (Drug-Out klub). You can call and schedule an online session with her:

Gene Lee think

Gene offers counseling related to depression (mild/moderate), anxiety, low self-esteem, stress management, relationship issues, family conflict, and general counseling.

Anna Krizova

Anna is a counselor and therapist and offers private sessions for adults from her office in Prague.

  • +420 607 0278 142

Dana Vlckova

Danna offers individual therapies as well as therapy for couples.

Matthew Laker

An American therapist who offers individual therapies as well as therapy for couples.

Marian Chrasta

Individual and couple, counseling, and therapy.

Lenka Collins

English speaking Counsellor/Therapist/Life Coach working with adults in Prague.

Dominika Cechova

Dominika works with adult English speakers and multilingual couples.

Margarita Bergerova

Individual therapy and insomnia treatment in Prague 6.


Covid-19 Resources
How to navigate life in Prague during the pandemic if you are an English speaker? Here are two resources that will provide you with quick answers to your questions.

Prague COVID-19 Guide

This guide is tailor-made for expats living in Prague and goes straight to the point. It gives you access to up-to-date and reliable sources that will quickly solve your problem. In addition, you can find there several stories with day-to-day life in Prague during the pandemic with some tips and recommendations.

Covid-19 Helpline

This line, besides information about the current pandemic situation, offers help to people with psychological problems associated with the effects of the coronavirus epidemic and is also available in English.

  • 1221


Stay Safe!

Hopefully, this list provides you with enough resources to use if you need to. If you’d like to know what you can do to cope with the pandemics you can also read an interview with a Prague-based executive search consultant and psychologist, Marek Navrátil.

Originally published at Life in Prague by Princess Unipony: Where Can You Get Help? The Expat’s Guide to Therapists in Prague

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