The Sunshine and Above Average Temperatures Continue Next Week

Temperatures in the Czech Republic next week should remain above average for this time of year. 

According to Czech Hydro-Meteorological Institute, we can expect temperatures to reach up to 25 degrees Celsius in the second half of next week. Temperatures will return to the long-term average of 18 to 21 degrees Celsius in the next three-week period.

Monday will be sunny. The temperature will hit 18°C during the day and around 10°C at night.

Tuesday will be partly cloudy to cloudy with a chance of rain in the afternoon. The temperature during the day will be around 22°C, 8-10°C at night.

Wednesday will be partly cloudy. The temperature during the day will reach 21°C, 6-8°C at night.

Thursday will be sunny, with occasional showers and storms. Temperatures will rise to 21-23°C, 9-10 at night.

Friday’s weather will be partly cloudy. The temperature will hit 23-25°C during the day and 9-10°C during the night.

Saturday will be partly cloudy to cloudy. The temperature during the day will be 23-25°C, 9-10°C at night.

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