The “Shipwreck Skyscraper” to be Prague’s Tallest Building

Prague 13 has signed a memorandum with the development company Trigema for the construction of the Top Tower at Nové Butovice metro station, which is expected to become the tallest building in the Czech Republic and contain a mix of housing and office spaces.

According to the memorandum, the city district will support the construction, while the investor should ensure the revitalization of the surrounding area.

The Top Tower will offer views over the city from a public viewing point accessible via exterior lifts, according to a statement from Trigema.

It will primarily be used for rental housing, with offices and a cultural center on lower levels. There will also be a publicly accessible roof garden, and shops on the ground floor.

To some, the building evokes feelings of the inevitability of man’s eventual fall.

“We have been preparing the Top Tower project for more than two years and the final version was preceded by eight other alternative proposals,” said Marcel Soural, Chairman of the Board of Trigema.

The shipwreck is expected to be made made of red-coloured steel and wrapped with climbing plants – standing out from the pared-back rectangular tower.

At its highest point, the shipwreck will enclose a public observation deck that is accessed by an external lift. The main building will also feature a rooftop garden offering visitors panoramic views of the city.

Photo: Trigema
Photo: Trigema
Photo: Trigema
Photo: Trigema


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