The Průhonice Park: UNESCO Gem on the Outskirt of Prague

If you are a fan of landscape architecture and nature in general, you should visit Průhonice Park. This architectonic gem is a member of the UNESCO world heritage. This park is worthwhile for a short trip outside of Prague.

Průhonice Park in the UNESCO List

You can find this masterpiece of European landscape architecture in the outskirt of Prague, in a small village called Průhonice. Its 250 hectares present a unique combination of native trees and plants together with introduced species, especially from the Mediterranean.

You can admire more than 1600 different species as well as a unique collection of more than 8,000 rhododendrons. This unique landscape area and the neo-Renaissance Chateau are listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site as a part of the Prague chapter (as well as the Vrtba Garden).

prague pruhonice park

Story of Průhonice Park

The idea came from Count Arnost Emanuel Silva Tarouca, whose family origins trace back to Portugal. He fell in love with countess Nostic who owned the park. Since Arnost was a passionate politician and a dendrologist, he turned his passion to the Průhonice Park.

Thanks to his knowledge and passion for landscape architecture, you can enjoy the beauties of the park in every season of the year. Spring is unique with blooming rhododendrons, summer is fresh with all its greens, autumn is vibrating with its orange and red colors, and winter is charming, especially with the snow cover.

The only place that is not open to the public is the Chateau since it is the headquarters of the Institute of Botany of the Czech Academy of Sciences.

prague pruhonice park

prague pruhonice park

What to Do in the Pruhonice Park

The Průhonice Park offers pleasure both for experts in botany and for people who enjoy beautiful nature. The composition of the park offers numerous ponds, streams, meadows, and plants that form beautiful vistas.

You can have a walk around the park, rest on a meadow and enjoy the sunshine, read your book under the tree, or jogging in numerous paths with great views over the park. You can spend here two hours or a whole day. The park is open all year, and every season has its magic.

prague pruhonice park

How to Get to the Pruhonice Park

By public transport, take a metro (red line) to station Opatov and take bus lines 363 or 385. By car, you drive highway D1 direction of Brno. Then, follow exit 6 Průhonice right in front of the Průhonice castle, where is the parking lot.

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