The Prague-Based Company That Invented Fruit Yogurt

Prague-based company Radlická Mlékárna was the first in the world to produce fruit yogurt.

Did you know the average consumption of yogurt per person is expected to be 12,7 kilograms in 2023?

The demand for dairy products has been rising and is anticipated to rise even further in the coming years.

With its many health benefits, it is a household staple for anyone seeking to eat a balanced diet. Yogurt also comes in many different delicious flavors, with well-known fruit yogurts being first produced here in Prague by Radlická Mlékárna.

Although the exact history of yogurt’s invention is unconfirmed, it is certain that the product has been around for centuries; with researchers believing the history of yogurt goes back to Neolithic times when the first milk-producing animals were domesticated.

It has been a universal household staple for many years with flavors being added since ancient Greek cuisine’s uprising. Flavors previously believed to be added include honey, cinnamon, and even mustard seeds.

Fruit yogurts were not produced until 1933, when Czech company Radlická Mlékárna first added a layer of fruit jam on top of the yogurt.

The layer of fruit jam originally had the purpose of preventing the growth of yogurt mold. As a jam’s high sugar content has preserving benefits, mold had a harder time growing.

The first fruit yogurts contained strawberry jam, and later apricot jam was added to the collection. Nowadays, many more flavors can be found, and the layer of jam has been moved to the bottom of the cup after the introduction of pasteurization.

Yogurt has many health benefits and includes a massive amount of nutrients that your body needs. It’s well known for containing high amounts of calcium, vitamin B, and minerals such as magnesium and potassium.

Eating yogurt on a regular basis is believed to benefit heart health, improve digestive health, and strengthen your immune system.

There are many varieties of yogurt on the market nowadays to fulfill the growing demand fitting in varieties of diets. Every yogurt might have different benefits and purposes, but there’s no doubt the Czech invention of fruit yogurts is something to be proud of!

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