The National Gallery Prague Opens its Locations to Visitors and Extends its Exhibitions

On Tuesday, May 12, the National Gallery Prague reopens the following exhibition locations to the public: the Trade Fair Palace, the Schwarzenberg Palace, and the Convent of St. Agnes of Bohemia.

All the permanent and current exhibitions will be accessible during standard opening hours. The most current exhibitions will be extended. The visitors will be expected to respect standard restrictions based on government regulations.

The opening hours remain unchanged (Tue–Sun 10 a.m.–6 p.m., Wed 10 a.m.–8 p.m.). The visitors will be expected to respect restrictions related to the existing extraordinary situation. The entry will be allowed only to people who have covered their nose and mouth and the custodians will make sure that recommended distancing is observed.

Tickets can be purchased at the cashier’s, however, the Gallery recommends to purchase tickets online.

“We will observe all the measures set forth by the Government. Our employees have been provided with standard protective equipment and the cashiers will also have face protective shields. We have increased the cleaning frequency, including also frequent cleaning of door handles and disinfection of lifts. Sanitizers have been made available to visitors at the entrances. We have installed information boards and signs indicating mandatory distance at the cashier’s and in cloakrooms,” specifies the safety measures Eva Sochorová, the Gallery’s spokesperson.

“We will also monitor the number of persons in real-time and check recommended distance between individual visitors in order to comply with the conditions ordered by the Government,” she adds.

A good piece of news for all art lovers is that the Gallery extends the newest current exhibitions in the Trade Fair Palace. The Gallery closed its premises a mere four days after the exhibitions’ grand opening. The project dedicated to Stanislav Sucharda will also be extended.

“The exhibition plan for the current year has changed due to the extraordinary and unforeseen situation. Our objective was to extend the new exhibitions so that as many visitors as possible could see them. After all, we lost over two months. We have also suffered big financial losses. This has impacted further planned projects which unfortunately cannot be implemented this year, but hopefully we will be able to reschedule them for the future,” says Anne-Marie Nedoma, General Director of the National Gallery Prague.

“Last but not least I would like to mention the anticipated highlights of the exhibition season – Rembrandt: Portrait of a Man and Mikuláš Medek: Naked in the Thorns. We would like keep these demanding and expensive exhibitions at any cost, although at a later date. If everything goes as planned, both exhibitions could be opened in autumn,” explains Nedoma.

The Gallery also prepares the gradual return of public and educational programs under defined sanitary conditions. Guided tours have been suspended and their restart will be assessed based on the development of the situation.

The Gallery will continue with its established online programs and now it is awaiting the next big milestone: launching its new website planned for the second half of May.

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