The Hussites Are Coming to Vítkov!

You are all invited to witness the Battle of Vítkov this Saturday 14 July, from 10 am to 8 pm on Prague 3’s Vítkov Hill. Over 100 performers, dressed in historical battle costumes, will remind audiences of the heroic defense of the Hussite garrison.

The Hussites were a religious group, who fought for their religious and political beliefs. The group followed the teachings of Jan Hus, a Czech priest, who publicly preached his criticism of the Church for its nepotism, corruption, and violence. His attacks on the Church were received with hostility in Rome. He was arrested after a meeting with the Church Council of Constance, and sentenced to death as an incorrigible heretic. He died at the stake on July 6, 1415. His death today is commemorated as a national holiday.

A realistic reconstruction of the famous battle is an annual event honoring the Battle of Vítkov Hill, the most famous battle of the Hussite Wars. On July 14, 1420, a handful of Hussites led by the general Jan Žižka from Trocnov, defeated the Austrian and Merssen Crusaders. The Hussites, though outnumbered by the Crusaders, thus forced Sigismund, the then King of Bohemia and Head of the Roman Empire, to stop his crusade.

The event, organized by Prague 3 Municipal Office is an open-air event, free of charge and children friendly. Besides the reconstruction of the famous battle, visitors can also be entertained by jousting tournaments, juggling, fencing and archery performances.

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