The House of Axes: Prague’s First Indoor Axe Throwing Range

Axe throwing can be traced back to weapon-loving Vikings or even to bored lumberjacks slinging axes during their lunch breaks.

However, this activity has certainly become more than that, as the skill of slinging an axe has gradually evolved into a world recognised sport.

“As an adventurous couple, we came across many activities while travelling the world but nothing got us hooked quite like axe throwing. Upon our return, many people could not imagine that something like axe throwing would be a perfect fit for the busy centre of Prague, but we ensured we put everything into seeing The House Of Axes come to life,” says Stephanie, one of founder.

The venue is located in the centre of Prague at Černá 3, directly between Wenceslas Square and Náplavka. Our spacious venue has not only been chosen for its location, but also for its size and feel. Built-in the 1860s, our old stone cellar is packed full of character and accompanied by the scent of fresh wood, good music and traditional Czech beer.

Photo: The House of Axes on Facebook

Understandably, it can be a bit tricky for people to imagine what exactly an axe-throwing session entails, but it is easy to say that this activity is for everyone. At first, there is a brief introduction where a team member from The House Of Axes will go over the rules. Followed by a demonstration where we will teach you how to throw an axe safely. Each participant will then get 3 practice throws and once you’re ready we’ll start by playing a traditional axe throwing match; best of 3 games wins! Then onto your choice of games (we have a booklet you can choose from). After 90 minutes of fun, the staff will help you get that perfect Instagram shot before you leave!

The House Of Axes is the first to bring the International Axe Throwing Federation to the Czech Republic.

“Many people are initially afraid of throwing axes but we make sure that all of our instructors have been trained to show you how to throw an axe safely and to make sure all the rules are followed accordingly. Our lanes have been specifically designed to meet the IATF guidelines and our instructors are first aid trained, ” added Stephanie.

Photo: The House of Axes on Facebook
Photo: The House of Axes on Facebook
Photo: The House of Axes on Facebook
Photo: The House of Axes on Facebook
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