The Future Gate Sci-Fi Film Festival to Kick Off in Prague

The venue of the sixth annual of the Future Gate Sci-Fi Festival will be the Lucerna Palace in Prague.

The festival will later travel to Brno, Pilsen, and Šumperk. Just like the previous year, organizers hand-picked a collection of timeless classics, brand new flicks and insightful documentaries. This year, they prepared a marathon-viewing of the first season of the Red Dwarf show with special guest Norman Lovett. They also prepared an accompanying programme – exhibitions, speeches, games and creative workshops. You can try upcycling – creating new stuff from scrap – or watch drone footage of the Czech landscape.

This year’s theme is ‘The World is not a toy’, or the influence of humankind has on our planet not only in the ecological sense. Science fiction is connected to the theme of Apocalypse from the beginning and destruction on the big screen is actually fun, isn’t it? It would be nice for you to think about how the end of the world is spilling from fiction to reality, but it would be even nicer if you’d have fun.

The Prague leg of the festival will open on Wednesday, March 27, with new Hungarian film Lajko: Gypsy in Spacea black comedy that suggests the first living animal in space was not actually a dog, but rather a pilot crop duster named Lajos, who has dreamt of going into space ever since he accidentally shot his mother there with a homemade excrement-powered rocket.

Other new films include A.I. Rising – a socialist space tale of android identity from Serbia, recent award-winner Freaks, and Prospect– a family survival drama set on a distant planet starring Pedro Pascal (Narcos).

Classic titles this year include aforementioned genetic engineering drama Gattaca (1996), cult monster movie Godzilla (1954), and Japanese anime classic Cowboy Bebop: The Movie (2001).

Several of the screenings during the festival will be English-friendly. As Filip Schauer, a spokesman for the festival, said: “We are trying to get this event to as many fans as possible in Brno. Films will be screen in the originals with English subtitles unless otherwise stated.”

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