The Czech Government Will Ease Long-Term Visas for Ukrainians

The Czech government is prepared to ease the way to long-term visas for Ukrainians living in the Czech Republic.

There are currently 60,000 Ukrainians living in Czechia on a short-term visa. The Minister of the Interior confirmed that they will have the option to extend them without the obligation to go to Kyiv to arrange it.

More info here (Czech only)

Latest developments

  • The Czech Embassy in Kyiv has been temporarily closed, the Czech Transport Ministry stated on Thursday morning. The General Consulate in Lviv, Ukraine’s major western city is still open. The Transport Ministry urged Czech citizens to contact the hotline of the Lviv Consulate in emergency cases.


  • Leading members of the Czech government have condemned Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, which occurred on Thursday night. Prime Minister Petr Fiala called it an “unjustified act of aggression” and said that it must be met by a hard reaction from the EU and NATO. Meanwhile, Defence Minister Jana Černochová said that Russia had broken international law.


  • The conflict between Russia and Ukraine will have a pro-inflationary effect, especially regarding prices of gas and oil, said Czech National Bank Governor Jiří Rusnok.

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