The Cabin: The Place for Friends, by Friends

A success story of friendship and hard work. The Cabin is a place that makes you feel like home, and where new friendship arise regularly.

Run by four friends, The Cabin is the place to hang out with friends and make new friends. It is located in beautiful Vinohrady on Jagellonská 17, and events such as live music, pub quizzes, and happy hours are organized on a regular basis to make sure you have an unforgettable experience.

They are open to hearing your initiatives and ideas for the bar as well, to make sure you feel at home. The Cabin is open from Wednesdays to Saturdays from 6pm.

The four friends represent 3 corners of the world, coming from Brazil, France, and Russia, but coincidently all ended up in Prague. After meeting each other through work the friends have been inseparable, which means there’s only one thing left to do: open a bar.

“Me and Nastya had the idea to open a bar for a few years already. We had worked in different bars and seen different types of management,” explains Antonia, one of the friends and partner of The Cabin. After finding the perfect location for the bar, partners Arturo and Victor joined in on the project. “I would have never gone for it if I didn’t have more people who would be willing to try. You need more people,” says Nastya, also one of the friends and partner.

Starting the bar does not come without challenges.

“The name was the biggest challenge,” Arturo says, “Because it should incapsulate the theme of the bar; The Cabin perfectly evokes this homely, cozy vibe that we want to replicate,” Viktor adds.

“Our goal is to become a safe place in Prague where you can meet people and expect weekly reasons to come enjoy a drink.”

There’s no doubt that the bar highly values hospitality and gives every customer a welcoming feeling.

The Cabin is a growing community for expats, and anyone open to meeting new people.

We highly recommend paying The Cabin a visit and experience it for yourself, grab a drink, enjoy the vibe, and make some friends!

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