Tech Company is Bringing an Accessible Legal Guidance Online

Czech startup Verdikto aims to transform the way people address their questions related to law. With the help of technology, the company promises its customers guidance from a lawyer for the price of a lunch menu.

Each visitor can describe their situation by filling in a simple web form, which is then directed to one of the 80+ lawyers registered on the platform. The answer is delivered within one or two days, depending on the purchased tariff.

For the more complicated cases, Verdikto staff will also handpick the best legal service for you, based on the lawyer’s recommendation. Thanks to their marketplace, which contains more than 600 services from different lawyers, it becomes very easy.

The vision behind the project is to bring simplicity and transparency to the overly complicated process of getting legal help. The rapid growth and great reviews on Google and indicate the demand for such a service on the market.

“We want to eliminate any uncertainty when searching for a lawyer. You know that you get the best service for the best price when you come to Verdikto” – says Dmitry Vanyagin, founder and CTO.

Currently, the platform supports Czech and English languages and the number of them will increase in the future. This is aimed to allow more people to use the advantages of this project.

With the people in mind, Verdikto offers a coupon “COVIDHELP” for a discount to their legal guidance service, which allows you to purchase it for just 99 CZK.

For the next several months, you can try their legal guidance service directly from our web by using a form on the right side of some pages. You can learn more about how they help people on their blog page.

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