Going Retro! Restored Tatra K2 Tram Hits the Streets of Prague

The Prague transport company has presented the restored articulated tram Tatra K2. With the license number “7000”, it will hit the streets on Sunday, February 5.

It will operate daily and will delight the passengers on the retro route 23, as well as on the historic lines 41 and 42.

The retro tram will also be available for rent for commercial and entertainment purposes. The Tatra K2 was manufactured by the Prague-based ČKD Praha in 1967-1983.

It was the first articulated tram in the history of Czechoslovakia. The model was designed on the basis of the legendary T3 wagon.

Curiously enough, the Tatra K2 was never used in Prague but only in Brno, Ostrava and Bratislava.

In 2009, after 32 years of use, it was decommissioned and transported to the Krásnány Depot in Bratislava, but never put into passenger operation.

Since the tram was not subjected to major structural modifications, it is preserved in exceptionally good condition with many original elements.

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