Tap Into the 10 Best Pilsner Beer Spots In Prague

U Kruhu

  • Price of a pint: 47 Kč

Located in the heart of Wenceslas Square, U Kruhu is a cozy, cave-like pub with renowned Pilsner on tap. Despite the location in a tourist hub, this is a place for locals. With indoor and outdoor seating and classic finger foods like gooey camembert and crackers, this spot has everything for a relaxing night with friends. 


  • Price of a pint: 52 Kč

With a draughting school and multiple locations, the knowledge and expertise at this establishment give them a leg up on the beer scene. A double winner of the Pilsner Urquell Master Bartender competition, Lukáš Svoboda, supervises the quality of beer in all of the locations. 

U Kašpárka

  • Price of a pint: 46 Kč

From the red curtains to the passed-down recipes, to the actual family that runs the location, there is certainly a homey feel at U Kašpárka. Just a short walk from Strašnická metro, U Kašpárka provides a chill escape from the city in either the outdoor patio with a blooming garden or in the house-style restaurant. 

U Bansethů

  • Price of a pint: 44 Kč

U Bansethů is timeless. While the beer and bar make it an inviting place to stay and grab drinks, do not miss out on the food here. The famous Basta chefs who came from Hloubětín farmhouse No. 1 passed these classic Czech recipes down for generations. In fact, one of the owners’ ancestors prepared the food for Habsburg emperor Rudolf II. 

U Kocoura

  • Price of a pint: 37 Kč

Sports paraphernalia line the walls of U Kocoura, which brings a communal vibe to the bustling center of the city. It’s a small-town pub that is not luxurious but does have premiere beer at a low price. There’s a TV with a sporting match almost always on, delicious and hearty Czech meals, and an assortment of Pilsner on tap. 

U Glaubiců

  • Price of a pint: 36 Kč

U Glaubiců is the place to be—not only because they have least expensive beer on the list but because the beer comes from a 700-year-old cellar. Enjoy Czech food and refined beer inside of the depths of the historical house. 

U Hrocha

  • Price of a pint: 40 Kč

A favorite among locals, U Hrocha is a beer hall that offers simple, cheap traditional dishes and authentic Pilsner beer. It’s a local hangout spot with a communal table ideal for hanging with friends. This place is an oasis from the tourist swarm on the Charles Bridge.

U Zlatého Tygra

  • Price of a pint: 48 Kč

What do the poet Karel Hynek Mácha, the dramatist Josef Kajetán Tyl, the historian František Palacký, the late Czech President Václav Havel, the former U.S. President Bill Clinton and the pre-war French Prime Minister Herriot all have in common? They are all fans of one of the most famous Prague cellars: U Zlatého Tygra. The beer is idyllic! 


  • Price of a pint: 48 Kč

The name stems from the Latin word “convivere,” which means “live together.” The camaraderie in Konvikt is palpable. Konvikt stays open until 4 a.m. and the kitchen is open until midnight, so people can gather and bond until the break of dawn. 

U Pinkasů

  • Price of a pint: 44 Kč

Conveniently located right behind Mustek, U Pinkasu is a great place to experience the best of Czech culture. Prices are fair, food is authentic, and most importantly, the Pilsner on tap is undoubtedly some of the city’s best.

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