Study in the Czech Republic: A Guide for International Students

Students who look for an opportunity to study abroad in Europe are frequently attracted by the Czech Republic and its educational programs. The country is known for its breathtaking landscapes, historic castles, the medieval small old towns, as well as the big selection of delicious native beers.

Those who have seen the Czech Republic or lived there know that this spot is an ideal combination of West and East Europe customs and architecture. Students from all around the world go to Prague, the Czech Republic’s capital to pursue higher education. Some other popular locations for studying in the Czech Republic are Brno, Liberec, and Olomouc.

If you are ready to taste the exceptional beer collections of this place, cosy up with a Staropramen after class, or enjoy some delicacies like svickova and kulajda, you should definitely start applying for programs or for a scholarship to study in the Czech Republic. This will give you a chance to peruse the cobblestone, old streets and roam the ancient castles of one of the greatest places in the world.

Thanks to amazing artists like Franz Kafka, Alphonse Mucha, and Antonin Dvorak, the Czech Republic boosts your creative side from the moment that you step foot there. But, before you plan your activities within the country, you should know some things about studying there.

Education System and Scholarships

Thanks to its diversity in academic programs, rich culture, and history, as well as the budget-friendly cost of living, the Czech Republic is frequently chosen by students. They us the Bologna system which has three academic cycles. Right now, there are over 310,000 students studying in this country, many of which are international students.

If you choose to study in this country that promotes diversity and accessibility, you can choose from Bachelor’s, Master’s and Doctorate degrees. The Czech Republic is famous for its science, medicine, and engineering programs, but your choice goes much further than this.

Since this is a company with a highly-rated educational system, you should be ready for a big challenge. Their programs are of the highest quality and offer a lot to students, but this also means that you’ll have to work hard. Thankfully, you can get help from professionals online, as well as get inspiration from quality sources. Here are some unique essays for students to download and grasp ideas from, or a chance to check the writing service and demand their help when needed. And when you study in top-tier academic institutions, you better have such a trusted source on your side!

Tuition fees for their programs depend on your nationality and the school you choose. For example, non-EU students have different tuition fees than EU students. There are also numerous scholarship options available to study there.

If you are fluent in their language and can pursue education in Czech, you can study at public institutions free of charge. By law, the language programs in the Czech Republic are free for all students, but the fees are larger for non-Czech language programs.

Visa Requirements

Visa requirements also depend on your nationality. If you are from EU/EEA or Switzerland, you don’t need a visa to study there. All you need is a valid national ID card or passport to enter the country. But, if you’re staying there longer than 30 days, you need to report your stay to the Foreign Police Department in the city where you’ll be staying. The deadline to register is three days from the day when you arrive.

If you aren’t from these countries, the requirements are different. Citizens from countries that are not in the EU need to apply for a visa to study at a university in this country. In most cases, you’ll need a long-term visa if you need to stay longer than 90 days. In fact, if you plan to study there for more than a year, you’ll need a long-term residence permit.

To learn what the rules are for you specifically, check with the consulate in your country or the Czech embassy.


One of the reasons why students choose this country to study in is the affordability it offers. Most students in the Czech Republic live in dormitories or on campus. Even if you rent a room or a flat, you can expect very reasonable prices. The housing costs range between $150 and $450 per month depending on what you choose. Of course, these prices also vary based on location and city.


Final Thoughts

The Czech Republic is an amazing place to study at. Their educational system is of high quality, the living expenses are considerably low, and the country has a rich culture, history, and architecture. Compared to other popular European destinations for studying abroad, this country is a highly affordable and attractive option.

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