Strawberry Fields: Where to Pick Your Own Berries in and Around Prague

strawberries picking prague

It’s that time again. Head to the fields and pick your own strawberries in and around Prague.

Jams, strawberries with whipped cream and fruit dumplings. The strawberry season usually begins in early June, and Czechs like to go to plantations every year, where they can pick fresh strawberries themselves.

We all know that berries taste better when you’ve picked them yourself, perhaps due to the fact you get a bit of nature – or that the process of picking can be rather meditative (or did we just get a bit delirious from the sun last time we went?).

The season has officially begun, which means we now have at least two months of juicy red berries to enjoy.

The average price of this year’s self-picking ranges from 60 to 70 crowns per kilo. Here’s our roundup of where to pick your own strawberries in Berlin in 2022.


Jahody Kunratice From 3rd to 7th June. Price: 62 Kč/kg
Kunratické jahody – Václav Macháček Dates and prices for 2022 are not yet listed.
SCHWENK Jahody s.r.o. Self-picking starts on June 3rd: Price: 80 Kč/kg

Central Bohemian Region

Jahodárna Sedlčánky Price: 69 Kč/kg
Jahodárna Vraňany Price: 70 Kč/kg
Ovocné sady Bříství Price: 79 Kč/kg
Jahody Oskořínek Price: 60 – 65 Kč/kg
Starokolínské jahody Price: 50 Kč/kg
Jahodárna Kouřim From June 4th: Price: 70 Kč/kg
Berry servis, s.r.o. From 6th to 12th June: Price: 69 Kč/kg
Jahody Zdice u Berouna Price: 60 Kč/kg
Farmářská zelenina Luděk a Irena Bodlákovi From June 3rd
Jahodárna Lysá nad Labem Price: 68 Kč/kg
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